"TRUTHGPT" Elon Musk intends to develop the TruthGPT chatbot as a replacement for OpenAI's ChatGPT, a new GPT-based chatbot. The goal of TruthGPT is to develop a "maximum truth-seeking AI" that challenges ChatGPT and seeks to comprehend the nature of the cosmos. It is still in development and has no release date or information on how it functions. Musk thinks that by comprehending the physics of the cosmos, TruthGPT will increase safety. The blockchain-based cryptocurrency launched by TruthGPT with the same name is likewise a coin. The main use of $TRUTH is as a payment method.

What distinguishes TruthGPT from ChatGPT?
Elon Musk, the creator of TruthGPT and OpenAI, has criticised ChatGPT and thinks it is biased. A maximal truth-seeking AI called TruthGPT seeks to comprehend the nature of the cosmos and offer unbiased, uncurated information. ChatGPT, in contrast, is a text-based AI platform that produces responses to text input that resemble those of a human. TruthGPT is still under development, so there is no information available on how it operates or how its technological capabilities differ from ChatGPT.

Compared to other AI chatbots: TruthGPT and ChatGPT are fundamentally different in that TruthGPT strives to offer objective solutions and reactions. Elon Musk has criticised ChatGPT and thinks it is prejudiced.It is not yet known how it operates or how it differs from existing AI chatbots in terms of technological prowess. Other AI chatbots, including those from Google, Bing, and Bard, use Large Language Model (LLM) programmes to examine the statistical aspects of language and generate educated judgements based on the input. Similar to other chatbots, ChatGPT contains filters that work to stop it from spouting harmful or inappropriate content.

How accurate is Bing AI in comparison to TruthGPT?
Bing AI is an AI chatbot that connects to the search engine and utilises OpenAI's AI technology to deliver precise and up-to-date responses. Due to its reliance on many data sources and usage of more recent information, Bing Chat has the potential to be more accurate than ChatGPT. It's feasible that Bing AI will provide unbiased and accurate information more accurately than TruthGPT. It is challenging to compare TruthGPT's accuracy to that of Bing AI, though, until additional details on how it operates become public.