The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is a set of rules that apply to everyone in a country, regardless of their religion. It covers important things like marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption. The UCC is mentioned in Article 44 of the Indian Constitution, which encourages the government to work towards creating a uniform set of laws for all citizens. However, implementing the UCC has been a challenge due to differences in cultural and religious practices, 
UCC is only way to deal with problems faced by India

The UCC is important because it promotes equality and fairness. Currently, different religious communities in India follow their own personal laws, which can sometimes lead to discrimination against certain individuals. The UCC aims to create a level playing field for everyone, ensuring that no one is treated unfairly based on their religion. It also helps in building a more unified and inclusive society, where all citizens are subject to the same laws and enjoy the same rights and protections. However, it is important to consider the diversity of religious beliefs and cultural practices while working towards implementing the UCC.

The Govt of India is taking suggestions for the Implemention of UCC
As a responsible citizen of India it's your duty to spend 2 minutes and film this form. 

Step 1: 
Visit this website Portal to put your suggestions for UCC and fill the details 

Step 2: Visit the Drive link and Open folder named UCC, it's a draft about suggestions related to UCC, You can add up your suggestions or Copy paste the same. 

Step 3: 
Upload the pdf with suggestions in the tab given in Portal and also click on suggestions in words which is below to pdf option and paste your suggestions 

Your are done:) 

Your suggestions has potential to change the system of the country, Please act wise 
Make your friends too Put the suggestions and perform their duty. 

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