Everyone glorify the Nehru and Gandi Family as epitome of Freedom struggle , they have a savage Level of respect on internet as well

But you wanna know Real dark face of Nehru family ?

Welcome you for the Eye Treat show.. Presenting you, The real history of Nehru Family

Lets make this post as 2 parts

Part 1 ) Conspiracy around Nehru family

Part 2 ) Another hand of theories on the same as conspiracy revised

Introduction: The Nehru-Gandhi family holds a prominent position in India's history, often celebrated for their role in the freedom struggle. However, there are lesser-known aspects of this lineage that deserve exploration. This article delves into some intriguing facts about the family, shedding light on their origins, relationships, and controversies.

Gandhi Family Legacy: Muslim roots? The lineage of the Gandhi family traces back to Ghiyasuddhin Gazi, a Sunni Muslim. He underwent a conversion to Hinduism, changing his name to Gangadhar, due to the turbulent times of British colonial rule and the fear of persecution. He relocated from Delhi to Agra, and subsequently, his family adopted the name "Nehru," residing near a lake or "neher."

Ghiyasuddhin Gazi (Later renamed as Gangadar Nehru) Grandfather of Nehru

The sister of Nehru mentions their Grandfather to be kothwal (Chief police officer ) in court of Mughal ruler Bahuddhad shah jafar

The book written by British officer Robert Hardy Andrews "A lamp of India " Mentions only 2 Hindu officers in Mughal army.. They were Kashinath, Bavusingh with this its clear that no other hindu was given position in Mughal Court, that Ghiyasuddin Changed his name after shifting to Agra.

Ghiyasuddhin who was renamed as Gangadhar had a son who was named as "Motilal Nehru" Who turned fully into Hindu , Motilil had a son who is none other than "Jawaharlal Nehru"

Now let's spot some light on Jawaharlal Nehru and his Affairs :

Nehru's Complex Relationships: Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, had a complex personal life that included multiple affairs unknowingly to his wife Kamla Nehru , notably with Lady Mountbatten and Padmaja Naidu. The book "Reminiscences of Nehru" by M O Mathai offers insights into these relationships , we shall note that Mathai as a security for Nehru, he further mentions many more such illegal affairs Nehru had in his book

Indira and her Marriage:

Indira Nehru while studying in Shantiniketana fell in love with a German teacher, For this reason Rabindranath Tagore expells her from Shantiniketana.

Later Indira became close to a Nawabs Son named Feroz khan who was a wire supplier in Nehru's stay Anandabhavana. They both fly to London and got married in a masjid according to Muslim tradition changing her name to Maimunna Begum.. Nehru found this as a threat to his political career and approached Mahatma Gandi, Indira's marriage to Feroz Khan (later Feroze Gandhi) raised concerns due to his Muslim background. To address this, Mahatma Gandhi adopted Feroz Khan, who subsequently changed his name to Feroze Gandhi, leading to their marriage Hindu traditions from then Indira Nehru became Indira Gandi

M O Mithai Mentions in his book about his closeless of 12 years with Indira Gandi

This is what he has written in his book "Renaissance of Jawaharlal Nehru" About His relationship with Indira

He furthers writes that he stopped being in relationship with Indira after he saw her one day with her yoga guru Dhirendra Brahmachari

Rajiv and Sonia Gandi love story:

Rajiv Gandhi's while studying in Cambridge University fell in love with Sonia Maino, an Italian waitress in same university

But before this Sonia had a love affair with a  Football player Franco, Franco Luison mentions about their 4 years of love relationship in an interview, he further says after Sonia went to England she stopped talking to him properly.. 

Coming back to Rajiv and Sonia marriage,

Indira Gandi was not happy with this ,but parents of Sonia Maino , Stefano and Paola Maino puts up a condition if Rajiv gets converted to Catholic Christian they could get married

Culminated in marriage after his conversion to Christianity renaming himself as they later reconciled and had two children, Rahul and Priyanka Mailo .

Indira smells this as threat to her political career so she calls Rajiv and Sonia to India and get them married again in Hindu Tradition from then Rahul Maino and Priyanka Maino becomes Rahul Gandi and Priyanka Gandi..

The Sanjay Gandi Or Sanjiv Gandi?

Indira Gandia younger son is Sanjay Gandi his original name is Sanjiv Gandi.

While he was studying in London he got arrested in Car theft case and his passports gets seized , In order to being him back to India, Prime minister Indira Gandi starts to put pressure on Krishna menon who was Indian high commissoner in London office of India 

Later he creates a fake  passport renaming Sanjay as Sanjiv Gandi and bring him back to India .

Contravensies around Birth of Sanjay Gand

He was at the center of various controversies. Speculations about his parentage swirled, suggesting that he might not have been the biological child of Feroze Gandhi but of Congress leader Mohammad Yunus

Reference : The book by " K. N Roa : Nehru Dynasty "

The book mentions that Sanjay was brought up with Muslim environment and also had gone through "Sunnati"

Conspiracy talks :

Sanjay's untimely demise in a plane crash triggered conspiracy theories involving political intrigue and blackmail by Sanjay on Indira Gandi as he came to know about his real father and about political secrets of Indira Gandi , hence she closed the case with political hand without investigations to occur

Menaka gandi in her interviews mentions , after Sanjay died Indira never talked to her properly and always maintaned distance from family..

Nehrus and his Political secrets :

* A conspiracy in which RSS chief K S Sudarshan has claimed that Nehru killed Gandhi. But "these are voices that never made it to the mainstream (Note : No proper evidence is found, it's just a conspiracy for now) 

*Nehru was against UCC (Uniform civil code)

*Nehru had an vital role in taking congress to Khilafath Movement which had no connection with India

*Nehru always showed favorism to Muslims

*Nehru was against Sanskruta to be made as National language

*Nehru is the key cause behind Arunachal pradesh and Ladakh border issues as well Kashmir

Was Nehru really responsible for industrialization and IITs?

It was actually Mysore Maharaja who donated land for IISC Bengaluru and the Tata who funded it as he was inspired with views of Swami Vivekananda About development of India on Science and Tech.

Same way It was Vikram Sarabhai who is backbone of ISRO, Nehru just accepted the proposal.

Nehru and Gandi are hyped, while the real heroes of Freedon struggle Such as Subhash, Bhagat Singh and many more don't get the public attention they deserved 

The power after indepedence fall into wrong hands which is main cause for today's situation of our nation 

On this Independence Day, let's pledge to the soil of this motherland, Oh mother Bharata we shall bring your glory back! 🇮🇳

Part 2 : Conspiracy revised 

Let's see what fact checks and another hand of theories say about these claims on internet

Claim about Nehrus lineage as Muslim :
*Jawaharlal Nehru's autobiography mentions that his ancestor Raj Kaul added the name 'Nehru' to the family line, deriving it from 'nahar,' meaning canal. Raj Kaul was not a Muslim, and Nehru's grandparents included 'Pandit' and 'Nehru' in their names. Jawaharlal Nehru's grandfather was named 'Pandit Ganga Dhar Nehru.'

*Feroze gandi was a parsi not muslim..
M O Mathai claims Feroze Gandi as a Parsi..
Another theory says :
Feroze Gandhi was born in a Muslim family in Mumbai , who later called him Parsi. His father's name was Jahangir and mother was Ratimai.. 

Anyways on internet there are fake reference from book of Mathai as well. 

The 2 sides of stories are justified by both groups.. The truth need is still hidden under oceans waiting to be excavated 

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