Portal to another world? Or an optical illusion? Read.! 

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In a captivating display of nature's wonders, residents of Bengaluru were recently treated to a rare and intriguing spectacle in the skies. A mysterious door-like shadow, surrounded by a radiant halo, appeared to float amidst the clouds, leaving onlookers astounded and mystified at Hebbal cross in Bengaluru . This extraordinary sight has been identified as the Brocken Spectre phenomenon, a rare atmospheric occurrence that can bewilder and amaze those lucky enough to witness it.

**Brocken Spectre Unveiled**

The Brocken Spectre, also known as "Brocken Bow" or "Glory," is a remarkable optical illusion that arises when a person stands at a vantage point above a layer of clouds or mist. As the sun shines from behind, the person's shadow is cast upon the mist below, creating a visually striking and almost supernatural effect.

**The Illusionary Door Shadow**

The recent sighting of the Brocken Spectre in Bengaluru had a unique twist to its appearance - the shadow cast resembled a mysterious door, which added an extra layer of intrigue to the already enigmatic phenomenon. This rare event was captured on camera by numerous witnesses and promptly shared on social media, garnering widespread attention and awe.

**Scientific Explanation**

The occurrence of the Brocken Spectre can be attributed to the interplay of various factors. When sunlight penetrates through gaps or breaks in clouds or mist, it creates a diffraction pattern around the observer's shadow. The illusionary "glory" appears as a result of this light diffraction, forming a circular halo around the observer's shadow, often with multiple colored rings. The perception of the shadow as a "door" may be influenced by individual interpretations and the surrounding context of the observation.

**Rare Sightings and Geographic Significance**

Brocken Spectres are not an everyday occurrence, and their appearance is limited to specific atmospheric conditions. They are more commonly observed at high altitudes, especially on mountains or tall structures, where cloud layers are frequently encountered. While the phenomenon can technically occur anywhere with the right conditions, its rarity makes each sighting a truly memorable event.

**Ecstasy Among Bengaluru Locals**

The sighting of the Mysterious Door Shadow in Bengaluru skies caused an upsurge of excitement and wonder among the locals. Social media platforms were flooded with pictures and videos of the captivating phenomenon, with many users expressing their awe and gratitude for being able to witness such a rare event. Numerous people traveled to higher points in the city to catch a glimpse of the unique spectacle, turning it into a joyous community experience.

**Preserving Nature's Mysteries**

The Brocken Spectre phenomenon serves as a reminder of the mysteries that nature conceals and reveals at its own whim. It reminds us of the profound beauty that surrounds us and the need to preserve and protect our environment. Such unique occurrences instill a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world, encouraging us to explore and understand the fascinating phenomena that continue to amaze and bewilder us.


The appearance of the Mysterious Door Shadow in Bengaluru skies, attributed to the Brocken Spectre phenomenon, left residents in awe and wonder. The rare optical illusion served as a reminder of the enchanting and awe-inspiring wonders of nature. As the story of this magical event continues to captivate minds worldwide, let us cherish and protect the beauty of our natural world, knowing that more mysteries await our discovery in the future.

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