India is set to embark on its second Gaganyaan mission, featuring the groundbreaking inclusion of the female robot named Vyommitra. Vyommitra is poised to emulate various human actions in the mission, with the potential for a green light pending flawless execution. This robotic entity has been meticulously crafted to perform tasks that mirror the expected behaviors of astronauts, serving as a vital component in evaluating human responses in space environments.

How is Vyomamitra prepared to manage flight activities 
Vyommitra's role encompasses simulating human functions within the confines of space, interfacing with life support systems, monitoring module parameters, issuing alerts, and executing critical life support functions. Beyond its technical functions, Vyommitra is designed to be a companion to astronauts, capable of engaging in conversation, recognizing them, and responding to their inquiries.

Furthermore, India's ambitious Gaganyaan Mission is scheduled for launch by the conclusion of 2023 or in 2024. Union Minister Jitendra Singh disclosed plans to conduct unmanned missions prior to the human space-flight program, which will feature the deployment of Vyommitra, marking a significant milestone in India's space exploration endeavors.